Music Slam Competition Winner Announced

Congratulations to Travis Lord, winner of the Stop the Hurting competition! Travis went in-studio with Illy to record the final verse to Illy’s track ‘Back Around’, with his own original lyrics.

Stay tuned for the release of the new recording!

And thank you to all of the amazing and talented entrants, for their efforts in helping to tackle domestic and family violence through their verse.

You can still download the original ‘Back Around‘ track here.


Travis’ winning lyrics

You know you gotta get better, but the world’s expecting too much
For me you’re just a person and the helps not enough
People staring, people looking, feel like a thousand people judging
People try to clear your mind but your depressions not budgin’
The hate that you’ve been through, the pain you subject to
The people you should trust are the ones that have hurt you
They’ve abused their power hangin’ over your head
Man they coulda raised you right but put your hands on you instead
But they’re stronger than you, thought you got up and you fought
You’re proud of who you are cos you’re hear and standing tall
Now the facts are laid out, there’s no reason to doubt
And at the top of my lungs you’ll be hearing me shout
And I say


Behind the scenes

Our Stop the Hurting competition winner Travis’ dream came true when he got to hang with Illy and vocalist Mi-Kaisha for the day, rapping and recording his very own final verse to ‘Back Around’!

To top it off, he and the other finalists then caught up with Illy for a VIP backstage experience, performing their own raps on stage and hanging out with the hip-hop legend.

You can still make your voice heard by talking about domestic and family violence with those around you in person and on social, or if you’re not sure what to say, share one of the entries to our competition.


Why we’ve used a music competition to #stopthehurting and #enddomesticviolence

Why do kids and teenagers need to know about domestic and family violence?

Understanding what domestic violence looks like and why it’s unhealthy can help stop the cycle of abuse – help prevent young people enacting this behaviour as adults. Even if they don’t want to replicate the behaviour, subconsciously it can become a norm based on the role modelling they grew up with.

It’s also important to bring the issue out from behind closed doors and recognize there’s nothing shameful about being in this situation, and it’s one that unfortunately a lot of kids find themselves in. Even if someone hasn’t experienced domestic and family violence, having a clearer understanding will help them support and understand others.

This campaign was created by kids for kids in collaborative workshops. They shared their perceptions, insights, preferred communication approaches, what they knew and what they wanted to know about domestic and family violence. They made their voices heard.

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