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We’re offering you the chance to join forces with Illy, one of the biggest names in Australian hip-hop, to have your lyrics around the theme of domestic and family violence featured in his song.

You’ll also win a VIP In-Studio experience with Illy to see your lyrics become the final verse on ‘Back Around’.

If you’re 12-17 years old and live in Queensland, simply submit a verse of your own original lyrics and help #stopthehurting. Entries close Monday 21 August at midnight.

No-one should ever feel alone when it comes to tackling domestic violence.

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Domestic violence. It's not just physical.

Domestic and family violence is not ok. It can happen to anyone. And it doesn’t just mean physical abuse – it can be psychological or financial. It might be happening to you, your mum or your siblings, or your friends. Not matter who, it’s wrong.

That’s why we want you to know that you deserve a life free of fear, especially in your home.

So together, let’s #stopthehurting.

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The Fear Is Real

The truth is domestic violence is an issue that destroys lives and families, its an issue that has plagued society for ages, this issue is very much real and very much alive. In conjunction with Stop the Hurting - End Domestic Violence, Illy has started a lyrical competition to help put an end to domestic violence. I fully support this movement and that is why i have decided to enter another verse causei believe that we can all stand together and bring it to an end #stopthehurting, Get Involved-…/

Posted by EDO on Friday, 21 July 2017
The Fear is Real

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