A Painful MInd

Its the pain that most already know, you feel the hurt, but try to hide behind a mask to prevent it to show, its an individual living in a world so cruel, but i guess that music & voices got more power than an American buffalo, this issue pierces you mentally & physically deeper than an arrow. All that this domestic violence does is tear an unhealable wound in the conscience, i got demons feeding off my pain & thoughts & making me fall in love with my own monsters, it’s a liquid mind burnt to gas from the pain and they contemplating if they’re life should be over. There’s hardly any love, just hating, ears bleeding from the screams and the wailing, now contemplating, if life at the side for is waiting. Don’t want this too be past down, to little ones n later on in the pool of society they drown. It’s the past situations to be doomed to repeat n recreate, a social witchcraft, being cursed with the curse to just curse, this fragile mind then breaks, Just tryna stop the hurt, even the thought of it just makes me wanna hurl, baby just listen to the words that i blurt, n know there’ll always be freedom of that curse. Love is spring and the petals of the flowers grow, the violence is autumn which killing the mental flower, petals drop & forever at an all time low. The violence im tryna vent, emotions are like a scrunched piece of paper, open it up but you can never take the creases back again, emotions like that, scrunch up as much as you can, but the emotions & scars never clean & smooth again. Wanna throw this issue of trash in the bin, once dealt you’ll have scars for life that’ll never rid, there’s a mic in my windpipe, all this issue is, is a mind thats grim.