Think before you do, and remember violence isn’t for you.
Stop and stay calm before before inflicting harm. what You truely feel inside, what you have always known, it’s the way to feel right and it needs to be shown.
Share love with everyone and remember it can’t be taken back when it been done.
If you see it on the streets or see it in your home, it’s all around us, now it’s our chance to make a stand. Violence and abuse will always be banned!
Together, together all as one, stopping Violence can be done.
You cannot watch scars fade knowing it all on you, the hurting will stop when the message is clear.
See it, Stop it, you have the power.
Help is what we need, love is what we plead. You know what to do, stop abuse. It can start with you!
There’s always time to give up a brave face and fill the empty space.
Whether your a victim or a witness, we can can make a stand to stop those tears on demand.