Jake Clarke

I come home to hear the sound of screamin’
Yet again the dishes just needed some cleanin’
This abusive relationship just continues
Is it good for this issue? It’s as strong as a tissue.
Mum and Dad have lost the love,
Its’s all push and shove
How did this happen
Their faith has blackened
But I don’t know, so I just head to my room
The world’s slow, and it feels like I’m trapped in a tomb
Words reverberate through the wall
Both exchange insults and are left to trawl
Through the remains of this warzone
The storm has blown, leaving a headstone
Their love has died, its all hurt now
They can’t fix this cycle of pain
And all its doing is hurting the frame
Yet tomorrow I’ll wake up and it’s the same shit again
And all the remnants come down like acid rain
Burning away all that remained
Until this charred life is all that’s been stained
Is this what they wanted, all them years ago?
When they fell for each other, they tried to take it slow
I was born and it went downhill from there
Is this life? Is it really this unfair?